Monday, August 31, 2009

Art at ArtSpace

The Fund for the Arts has spruced up the second floor of Artspace. We have four original pieces of art from Eric Brinley. They were "unveiled" at the Opera Guild's event, Viva Voce, last Thursday.

He worked from photos which he got from the various arts groups represented. He simplifies the image to the simplest line and uses color to create the emotional experience to go along with the image.

The image at the top is of a violinist representing the Orchestra, which is at the top the stairs as you approach the rehearsal space.
The bottom images are the main area of the second floor. Images represent Actors Theater's production of Dracula and The Louisville Ballet's Nutcracker. The opera does have an image but it is actually in the rehearsal room, which I could not access into when I was snapping photos.

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Forcable return

I must thank Andrew for mentioning my blog on this Sunday's Arts section. The thing is, I am the blogger for Kentucky Opera and that is where I do most of my professional updating which he referenced.
ArtIsAir is my personal blog, and my Twitter handle. (All of this seems a bit schizophrenic doesn't it?) So any of you finding my blog for the first time, please also visit Kentucky Opera Blog.

I was a little worried during the interview that I wasn't really representing well, but I suppose Andrew was able to distill my rambling into some sense. He called me a "virtuoso of succinct electronic outreach." That was nice of him.