Tuesday, September 8, 2009


SO, I have been handed this wonderfully small yet powerful video camera to "capture the moment" so to speak. It is extremely simple to use, about the size of a blackberry and takes pretty good video with sound (even though the mic is on the wrong side, so far my largest complaint).

So my sytem at work is from circa 1776, and can not read videos of any format.

SO I start working from home on it.

So, when I download the video editing software that comes along with the camera, I find its not so good, in my non experienced opinion.

So, I have a PC and on it is Microsoft Movie Maker. But the new technology only makes MOV files, which MMM doesn't read.

SO I find that QuickTime can read MOV files so I download QuickTime, but only the QT Pro will let you edit, change formats or anything like that.

SO I do a little searching and find a great freeware program that seems simple enough yet sophisticated to do what I want. YEA!!! So far still pretty pleased with this software, its called Pinnacle VideoSpin.

So, I cut the hour long video into 5.5 minutes added lovely fades, slides, music and end credits. Looking forward to adding it to the blog, but alas, once I got it ready, turned it into an AVI file, it was a gig and a half and too big.

So, back to the original program that came with the camera, there is an option to load directly to FaceBook or YouTube, the only thing, it doesn't condence the video to fit into these formats...

SO I have formated the AVI file into a MOV file and it is much smaller and hopfully uploading now...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fantastic Fan fara

The Louisville Orchestra had quite a weekend! Friday, Joshua bell came to town and had a chat with Scott Dowd on Classical 90.5 FM (WUOL). You can download the podcast here.

Joshua Bell goes over a few details with Jorge Mester before the rehearsal of Symphonie Espangnole

Later that evening, the Orchestra had their amazing season images by O'Neil Arnold that were enlarged and streached on canvases on display for the Gallery Hop. The image transfers were not as vibrant as the glossy brochure, but they were still quite impressive. A string quartet performed as well.

All of this was just a sample of an amazing week of events and performances gearing up for Saturday's Fanfara Gala and concert. Saturday evening started with cocktails atop the Humana Building. It was a lovely evening to be on their observation deck for cocktails. Joshua Bell made an appearance and was swarmed! After a lovely dinner the dinner guests were a part of the Jorge Mester procession crossing Main street ed by the Male High School Color Gaurd and up the stairs of the Kentucky Center flanked by the Male High School marching band.

All of the efforts to make Fanfara fantastic worked perfectly.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Art at ArtSpace

The Fund for the Arts has spruced up the second floor of Artspace. We have four original pieces of art from Eric Brinley. They were "unveiled" at the Opera Guild's event, Viva Voce, last Thursday.

He worked from photos which he got from the various arts groups represented. He simplifies the image to the simplest line and uses color to create the emotional experience to go along with the image.

The image at the top is of a violinist representing the Orchestra, which is at the top the stairs as you approach the rehearsal space.
The bottom images are the main area of the second floor. Images represent Actors Theater's production of Dracula and The Louisville Ballet's Nutcracker. The opera does have an image but it is actually in the rehearsal room, which I could not access into when I was snapping photos.

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Forcable return

I must thank Andrew for mentioning my blog on this Sunday's Arts section. The thing is, I am the blogger for Kentucky Opera and that is where I do most of my professional updating which he referenced.
ArtIsAir is my personal blog, and my Twitter handle. (All of this seems a bit schizophrenic doesn't it?) So any of you finding my blog for the first time, please also visit Kentucky Opera Blog.

I was a little worried during the interview that I wasn't really representing well, but I suppose Andrew was able to distill my rambling into some sense. He called me a "virtuoso of succinct electronic outreach." That was nice of him.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm a looser

I am so bad. I have been to Europe and saw amazing art, and didn't blog about it at all. Can you say looser for not blogging since March?!?!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

LEO photography issue

Yesterday, Friday, March 26, I had the pleasure of attending a gathering at the Lime Tree Gallery on Frankfort Avene. The party was a celebration of LEO Weekly's latest issue featuring local photographers shooting our fair city. Participants in the photo issue include David Harpe, Frankie Steele, John King, Leslie Lyons, Marty Pearl and Mary Yates. See all the photos here.

Unfortunately I got to the event a little early and didn't get to see all of the photographers, but I did see Frankie, who does a lot of work for Kentucky Opera and the Louisville Orchestra, and David Hawp, who I met when he won the signature artist for Kentucky Opera's Viva il Vino event.
David's photos (the attached Louisville skyline is one if David's pieces) have always been impressive to me. His work looks so very photoshopped, but infact, they are not. That is what makes them impressive. That he is able to create such uniqe imagry that has not been manipulated by computers... Wow.

LEO's creative director, Brittany Baker hung the show very well. It was clean and easily navigated. Too bad the show was only up for one night, but you can still pick up the issue and see the work in their new glossy magazine format.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A couple of very cool things I found today

Its been an ineresting day in the music world for me today. I happened upon a couple of very cool gems. The last (only because it was easier for me to find) was a story on NPR on my way home from the office. It was about a new book by Lemony Snicket called The Composer is Dead. Its a murder mystery looking for the killer of a composer and looking to the orchestra for the culprit. The story is used to teach young readers about the different instruments of an orchestra and the main theme is while a lot of the composers we know well, are well, dead BUT its the music that keeps the composer alive.

I reccomend listening to the podcast, as the "handler" does some great reading. Find the story here.

The other very cool thing I found was a video created from a mixture of other people's you tube videos creating a new and different piece of music. He is known as Kutiman and on his website he has several videos all together. Below is one.

I am finding the use of technology with music extremely interesting as of late. I had heard about the You Tube Orchestra sometime ago and yesterday they posted the winners.

The gathering of this orchestra will take place at Carnagie Hall on April 15, when they will perform Tan Dun's Symphony for You Tube. Should be pretty cool and I wonder if it will be broadcast in the movie theatres like they are doing at the Met.

I found out that two of the Louisville Orchestra musicians auditioned. They didn't make it but it's still pretty cool they participated. I have to find one, but you can see Richard Ryan's audition here.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Opera Haikus

I have to share these. I wish I had his creativity.

Eric McKeever former education manager of Kentucky Opera is now with Columbus Opera and has started twittering. What does he twitter? Opera Haikus almost daily. Here are some recent examples that have me scratching my head.

Opera Haiku of the Day: She won't kiss husband/A match signals their meeting/She sees dead lover (Name that opera)
9:45 AM Mar 3rd from web

Opera Haiku of the Day: Old man wants young life/Makes a deal with the devil/Price to pay is "Hell." (Could be one of three operas.)
8:15 AM Mar 2nd from web

Opera Haiku of the Day:She's "child" to them all/He loves her, sings nine of these/Marquise lets them be (Name that opera)
2:20 PM Feb 25th from web

Opera Haiku of the Day: She's known as "Kid Deer"/It's a tale that ends in death/Bubbles stole the show (Name that opera)
2:28 PM Feb 24th from web

Get your Haiku of the day by following @Eric_OperaCols.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Offer for blog readers

You know, I was putting this out into the bloggosphere and thought, hey, I have a blog. I can offer this to MY two readers...

Here's the scoop:


Saturday, February 21 • 8pm • Whitney Hall

Exclusive DISCOUNT for MY friends!

20% OFF tickets if you buy Tuesday, February 17 or Wednesday, February 18*

1. Call the Kentucky Center Box Office at 502.584.7777

2. Mention the code word FRIENDS

3. Pick up your tickets at the Box Office Will Call the night of the concert

It’s that easy!

Brandi Carlile

Songs from her album “The Story” can be heard on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

Sondre Lerche

Composer and performer of the 2007 soundtrack for Dan in Real Life featuring Regina Spektor and A Fine Frenzy.

The fine print: Offer only available February 17 & 18. Discount tickets will not be available day of the concert by phone or at the box office window. Offer not available online. You must call or visit the Kentucky Center box office to take advantage of this offer.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Brooklyn Thought Bubbles

I saw this in the NY Mag's Approval Matrix and I LOVE IT!! Color Me Katie has put up thought bubbles all over Brooklyn. Super fun!