Thursday, March 5, 2009

Opera Haikus

I have to share these. I wish I had his creativity.

Eric McKeever former education manager of Kentucky Opera is now with Columbus Opera and has started twittering. What does he twitter? Opera Haikus almost daily. Here are some recent examples that have me scratching my head.

Opera Haiku of the Day: She won't kiss husband/A match signals their meeting/She sees dead lover (Name that opera)
9:45 AM Mar 3rd from web

Opera Haiku of the Day: Old man wants young life/Makes a deal with the devil/Price to pay is "Hell." (Could be one of three operas.)
8:15 AM Mar 2nd from web

Opera Haiku of the Day:She's "child" to them all/He loves her, sings nine of these/Marquise lets them be (Name that opera)
2:20 PM Feb 25th from web

Opera Haiku of the Day: She's known as "Kid Deer"/It's a tale that ends in death/Bubbles stole the show (Name that opera)
2:28 PM Feb 24th from web

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