Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blogging problems

I am totally new at this and I am having some major questions about Feed Burners and RSS feeds. I look at some blogs like Jason Falls' and am in awe of all the "Stuff" on his page. For Example, his FIND ME HERE section
What the F is all that and how do I use it?
Then (same example) he's got his twitter messages on his site. Then he has the RSS Feed link at the top as a very cool talk bubble with the RSS logo, I can't seem to figure out how to add any of that. Of course he is in the biz, and I am a complete idiot on these things. I am learning (I hope).
Twitter is one of those things that totally confounds me. I sat at the Social Media Club meeting last month and every one was a twitter with Twitter. I signed up for Twitter and have no idea how or why to use it. I am also a new member of Digg what ever that is and am seriously thinking aobut because I like the sound of it, but I don't think I should spread myself too thin at this stage of the game. Then there is Techtori, who knows what that is and I did stumble upon StumbleUpon, Anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller? I will say that I am Linkedin, MySpace is ignored, and my Facebook is embarrassing.

Any one who wants to tutor me, I am all for it.

I also found on DavidSFinch's site, a cute video on Social Media from the good people from The Common Craft.


Heather said...

I added a YouTube Video to my blog!! Yeah Me!!

Michelle said...

1. All those little buttons represent various social networks and blogs that Jason participates in. All the little buttons are links that take you to Jason's blog or his linked in profile or his flickr account, etc.

2. The RSS image is just added in to the blog design. You can add images to your blogger template as well though I don't know if you necessarily want to unless you want to move to a custom blog design.

3. Twitter is one of those things you just have to use for a while to get the hang of. Follow me on twitter:

4. Delicious is ridiculously useful .

5. Neither technorati or stumbleupon is particularly useful.

Heather said...

Who knew anyone read this thing! Thanks Michelle, I will follow you on Twitter.