Friday, July 11, 2008

Once in a life time

There was a Louisville Orchestra fund raiser last night that I was fortunate enough to attend. Julie Andrews was interviewed by Bob Edwards at a lovely Louisville home.
I will post pictures soon.

Suffice to say it was a real treat to be in the presence of these two icons. They are both so on, and professional. The interview was a little short, but what was told was candid and fun. Bob had her read a bit from the latest book "Home". Its quite something to hear Julie Andrews say the words sex and opium in the same sentence. She was speaking metaphorically, but with the elegance of her voice and the distinguishing nature of her presence, it was quite a shock.

The event was a part of tonights concert, "The Gift of Music", I will be there but will not review the show.
There was a rumor (and if you watch the video from my last post, you will know from where this rumor derives.) that Julie Andrews will sing tonight. It is very exciting, but that is one of the reasons the interview was cut short last night. She was trying to preserve her voice for the show!! What a dame!

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Michelle said...

That sounds like an amazing evening, I would loved to have been there.